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Parents are responsible for the supervision of children up to the point where children board the bus. The School Bus Driver, then becomes responsible for the safety and behaviour of the children being transported until the bus reaches the school. Any problems on the bus are reported to the Principal and dealt with accordingly. Some rules the children should be reminded of regularly are:

  • Never board or dismount from a moving bus.
  • Stay seated while the bus is moving.
  • Keep well back from the edge of the road until the bus stops. Do not play with balls or sports gear. When the bus stops to let you off, cross behind the bus if you have to cross the road, but wait until the bus has moved off. Parents collecting or meeting children off the bus should wait for them at the Bus stop, and not on the other side of the road.
  • Where seat belts are available, they must be used.
  • Now every parent with children on the buses needs to sign a rules acceptance form.

If a delay occurs because of a breakdown or some other reason, parents will be notified through the Emergency Ring Around System. All bus pupils parents sign a good behaviour code which sets these rules out clearly.

Bus Pupils

If you wish your child to remain at school or travel to some other way home the school must be notified by the parent either with a note or by phone. The school will not accept a child’s request to remain at school.