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School Fees

School Donation

A School Donation is usually paid at the beginning of the year, along with stationery purchases. For children enrolling at the school after the first term, an adjustment to the donation is made. This donation provides an essential addition to the school income and is used for providing important classroom resources, as well as the purchase of library books, supporting sports teams and aspects of our cultural programme. A receipt will be issued. Early payment of the donation allows the school to budget for the year with accuracy and is therefore very much appreciated.

Bus Trips

Several trips -sports or otherwise -are taken each year and children are charged a nominal amount to cover the hireage of the bus. Often the amount is subsidised by the Board of Trustees. We also use your school donation to help fund this.  A Day Trip permission form is signed by parents to give permission to take pupils on short local/Taupo trips. All parents are informed of upcoming trips in the newsletter.

 **  You are able to claim a tax refund on school donations paid by requesting and completing an IR526 form from the Inland Revenue. **

Click here to download refund form