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Only a week to go until the school holidays already. This term has flown by.

Autumn has arrived and we are starting to see a change in the weather with colder mornings but lovely warm afternoons.


Students can choose to wear their Summer or Winter uniform to school . Please note that all students need to wear their school sweatshirt as we have started to see a trend in wearing home sweatshirts to school.


The students have competed a spelling, math and reading assessment this week and we are impressed with the results.

All students improved in their spelling ability, with some making accelerated achievement. Reading and comprehension was another area of huge improvement across the school. Math testing showed that we are improving with our basic facts but still need to work on new strategies around adding and subtracting  numbers. i.e; part-whole strategy ( 19 + 11= 20 + 10= 30) and fraction work.  Next week we will be writing a piece about our identity to be assessed. This writing will be part of learning what our identity is and how we are all unique and should celebrate the diversity that is present in our school.

With National Standards being removed by the Labour government, the Taupo CoL would like to continue to gather data to inform strategies direction. Part of this process will be ensuring that all schools use the same terms and systems. We will gather data twice a year. There will be no anniversary reporting in years 1-3 as previously done under National Standards. The data gathered will be based on the New Zealand Curriculum Level.  An alphanumeric system will be used to indicate where in the curriculum level a student has mastered. If a student has achieved  L2p they are in the middle of the Year 3-4 NZC L2.     B= Beginning  P= Proficient  A= Advanced.

Term 2 

Term 2 will see us launch into a new inquiry around Native NZ. We will be talking and learning about plants, animals, bugs, NZ place names and where places are on the NZ map. We will have a trip on Lake Taupo  and complete an informal speech on a Native NZ topic.

We have swimming lessons from the 14th until the 25th for an hour each day. We will be learning the ukulele with professional music company each Friday that will end with a concert on the 6th of July. It will be a fun and full on term.


We have some fantastic new blinds in both classrooms thanks to the grant we received from  Taupo Rotary. They have made a big difference to our learning space. 

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Meeting

Rangitaiki Community Hall next to Rangitaiki School

11am start- finish with lunch at 1pm. Arrive a bit before 11 and grab a tea or coffee before the meeting starts. Come to a local meeting to hear about what is happening in the Rangitaiki  catchment. Meet Regional Council staff that are involved in land management, water policy,. bio-security and the Freshwater Futures programme. Lunch will be provided at the end of the meeting around 1pm.

RSVP and contact Mieke Kapa with any queries.

P: 0800 884 880  E :

Bottle Tops

Keep collecting those plastic bottle tops for our mural.


Reading homework will come home every night from Monday till Thursday.  Spelling words will come home on Friday for years 4 to 6 and Everyday for years 0-3. Please make sure your child has a book bag to keep their reading and spelling in.  Occasionally we will have topic related homework as well. This week it i have put it on SEESAW so have a look. Their is a few questions to research around the Commonwealth Games.

Q1 How many countries are competing?               Q4 How many events are in the games?

Q2 Where are the games held this year?              Q5 How many athletes went from NZ

Q3 What is the Mascot?                                            Q6 Who was our flag bearer?

Q7 What is wrong with one of our 7 players?       Q8 How many medals do you think we will win?


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