Newsletter May 29th 2020


All children have made an easy transition back into school life and we are enjoying all being back together again.

I have been really impressed with the learning progress that all children have made despite the disrupted period we have all had.  A lot of schools are not sending out reports at the end this term as they thought it wasn’t fair on the students as they wouldn’t see much growth with so much time out of school. This is not the case at our school.  We will be sending out reports as our children have shown good growth in all areas of the curriculum. I believe that we need to let parents know where their child is at and how to assist the learning at home.  I also think it is important to report on other aspects of school life such as emotional and social wellbeing too.

My Community

We have started our “My community” unit and are learning about what makes a community and how we are all part of Rangitaiki community as well as the school community. The children are learning about farming and the process of making a glass of milk. We would love to visit a farm so if this is possible please let me know soon.   Also If you are able to come in and talk about your job or how you help in the community we would love that. The children are writing questions to ask different people in our area so don’t be surprised if you get an interview.

Outside Learning Area

The Learning area is almost complete!. The pavers went down this week and they look terrific. Lights and power will be installed on Tuesday, then we have some bird netting going up as well as a small step outside the classroom door to be built. Inside we just have the new wall lining and lino to finish the hallway.

I hope you all come and make the most of the space. It will be perfect for birthday parties and social functions.

Labour Day

Monday is a public holiday. There is no school.

Term Dates

There has been a little confusion around about term dates. To clarify for you, we finish this term on the 3rd of July and start Term 3 on the 20th of July.

First Aid

On Tuesday the 2nd of June we have a St John first aid trainer coming out to teach basic first aid to the children. If you would like to come and join in she will be here from 1 pm until 2 pm. She will be teaching the children about making good decisions and identifying potential dangers at home and at school. She will teach the children how to treat minor injuries.


Andrea Haycock


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